Wednesday, 28 November 2012

MUA Makeup Academy Products

I have been browsing around a few blogs myself this week and it made me wonder why some are more popular than others.  I dropped on this a couple of days ago.  Victoria's blog is so pretty.  I am really getting in to this vintage stuff although I still think of it as second hand, jumble sale but it doesn't have the same ring to it. She talks a lot about clothes, makeup etc and I liked her style.
Anyway today folks I am going to tell you about a couple of products I bought from the MUA makeup range.  At this stage I would like to beg for forgiveness from any male followers, you can skip this bit.
My friend told me about this brand a while ago which she had found in Superdrug.  The eye shadows are £1.00 each and although I was interested I didn't hold out any hope of them being any good.
At the weekend Mum and I had a trip out and stopped off in Retford.
I couldn't resist the MUA offer of 3 for 2 so quickly scooped up a couple of eye shadows and a blusher, paying the princely sum of £3.00 for the lot.
Above is Shade 4 - a lovely deep lilac.
This one is Shade 3.  a gun metal grey.
The blusher is called Bittersweet and is a cream rather than a powder.
Well I gave the grey one a try yesterday wearing it with my Urban Decay Eye Potion which I wear under eyeshadow so it lasts longer.  The eye shadow lasted all day.  It is amazing. I think it would suit a younger person better though simply because it is very sparkly and on my eyes it emphasised my crepe skin.
The blusher was excellent although the colour was perhaps a little pale.  I expected it to be a stronger colour.  The cream gave my cheeks a dewy glow though. Overall I was very impressed.

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