Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Happy Birthday Shiela

I have been trying to find time to blog and failing miserably so in an attempt to fit everything in I have come to bed whilst hubby practices his mandolin to get on with a little Internet shopping and blogging.
I have just wasted about thirty minutes opening emails and trawling the Internet looking at things I had no intention of looking at.
How much time do I waste during the day, I wondered to myself.  A heck of a lot is my reply.
If I could stay focused at all times I would achieve so much more, I'm sure of it.  Maybe that should be a new years resolution.  I have already started making a list of next year intentions.  I looked back at last year's and out of 33 I managed to achieve 24.  I don't think that's bad at all. There is always room for improvement though.
We've been to see my Mother in Law tonight.  It is her birthday tomorrow and no she isn't carrying this cake for someone else.  She is definitely 70. Can you believe it?
The family arranged a surprise party for her at the weekend.
Three generations
She loved every minute of it.

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