Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Vintage Style

I'm feeling very nostalgic at the moment probably due to the time of  year and reading a lovely book called Miracle on Regent Street. I was drawn to the cover by the beautiful colours.
This was such a romantic book which emphasised the importance of the old and traditional and was a joy to read.  It was based around Christmas too.
I needed a dress for the Christmas party.  I already had one that I bought last week but thought I'd just have a quick browse on the Internet just in case I saw something more suitable.  My friend gets a lot of bargains on eBay so not to be out done off I went, virtually of course.
This is a copy of a 1940's tea dress which fits like a dream.  I love it and it has tiny little swallows all over it.  I wore it with black patent leather court shoes and a vintage art deco brooch.
I was explaining to my hubby how I have suddenly jumped on the vintage band waggon and that I had always wanted to own my own bottle of Channel No 5. The sheer decadence of it makes me all tingly.
I just love it's old fashioned simple style and elegance.
Oh and yes this is mine.  I love a man that can take a hint! Who said romance was dead?


  1. Love the dress. Love the perfume too. Whenever we go through duty free I always have a free spritz :)