Saturday, 3 November 2012

Ashby Canal - Autumn Break 2012

As you have probably guessed, I have been on my holidays this past week. I'm never sure whether I should warn you of my pending absence as you hear such stories of people finding out you're away and clearing you out of house and home. 

Anyway I'm back now and have a bad bout of Post Holiday Blues.  I have already had a tearful session with hubby, and find myself complaining that I always expect things to be different when I get back and nothing ever is.  After thinking about it I realise that it is me that has changed and craves change and that it can only be me that has to change things to make my life better.
I expect you're wondering what has brought about this dissatisfaction but it has been bubbling for a long long time.  OK rant over.  Watch this space to track what happens next.  I have no idea either so we're in for a few surprises.
We have just spent the most wonderful holiday on the Ashby Canal.  Anyone who reads this blog will realise that this is now a regular haunt of ours and it never fails to fill me with joy.
We hired a boat from the Ashby Boat Company and were very lucky that due to demand we didn't get the boat we originally requested.  This sounds strange I know but it meant that they up graded us not once but twice and we ended up with a 56 foot narrow boat instead of the 35 footer we went for. 
We've been on this one before (Carlton) and due to its size it handles like a dream.  You would expect the smaller ones to be easier to steer but they are lighter and wave about, and reversing can be a nightmare.
The weather was a bit hit and miss but it lent itself to some amazing photographs.
There was lots to see by the side of the canal too.
Cows having a paddle.
Ducks of course.
Flowers in tea cups.

No wonder we didn't want to leave.
There's no doubt we'll be back though.
No doubt at all!

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  1. What an amazing vacation.
    I hope that things work out the way you want.