Monday, 13 August 2012

Allerthorpe Lakeland Park

Yesterday we decided to go back to Pocklington a) to visit Allerthorpe Lakeland Park and b) to revisit Burnby Hall Gardens.
The lake was fantastic with plenty of people sailing and canoeing, some were even swimming.
It felt like we were on holiday what with the Caravan and Tent park by the side of the car park.
There were three lakes in total with one dedicated to fishing.  We only walked around two of them.
The facilities are great and you can hire everything you need including wet suits.  We plan to go again very soon.
This butterfly landed on my hand. I couldn't believe it.
After partaking of a well earned coffee and toasted teacake we moved on to our second destination which was Burnby Hall Gardens. There was a Railway Brass Band playing so we were serenaded to on our walk round.
We wanted to see if the Water Lillies had started to flower and we weren't disappointed.
The flowers are so perfect.  The park holds the national collection.
I think the yellow ones were my favourites.
What more can I say.  We had a wonderful day which was made complete after watching the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.  Wasn't it just amazing. Well done to everyone involved. It made me very proud.

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  1. Beautiful day out.
    The waterlillies are lovely, the colors of these always amaze me.