Monday, 20 August 2012

Where are my Followers?

Firstly I seem to have a problem with my blog. Could someone let me know if they can see any followers in the Followers section.  There should be 13 but at my end this is blank.  Also if anyone has experienced this and fixed it, please could you tell me what you did as I'm at a loss.

Is it me or is it hot in here? I'm suffering from a lack of quality sleep at the moment and unfortunately as a result so is my hubby.
I have reached that dreaded age when senior moments are becoming all too frequent (I forgot what I'd had for my tea the other day) and the power surges all too severe.  'Hot Flush' says I'm a bit warmer than usual, I'm volcanic.
An old lady came to my stall on Saturday flapping her hands in front of her face in the classic I'm having a hot flush way, and informed me that they never go away! Is it cotton tops and baggy trousers for the rest of my life. Pass me a gun x


  1. I can see all 13 of your followers on your blog.
    Too hot here too. 33C Every day and no respite for weeks yet.

  2. I see all of your followers too.
    I hope that things cool off for you!

  3. I see all the followers too.

    It's way too hot down here in SE TX too. Hot in Texas in the summer! Who'd have thought?! ;-)