Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Magazine Madness

Good Evening and welcome to my humble blog.
I have a problem, an addiction not to put too fine a point on it.  I just love craft magazines.  There I've said it.  It's out in the open.  I need help.
Look at this lot -
Oh my goodness I hear you cry.  She isn't kidding.  This is one months worth and these are just the ones I could easily lay my hands on.  I know I have an excuse.  I do need to keep on top of the trends in the market place in order that I can give my customers what they want when they come to my stall, but really do I need this many.  I could argue that they give me my inspiration and that I am always making things that are featured in them but in all honestly I'm not.  So what you might ask is the fascination and to be perfectly honest I'm not really sure.  I think it must be the time they buy me.  You know, when you just sit in one place and flick through a magazine.  The time just flies by.  Maybe it is that feeling of sheer luxury and relaxation that I get from looking through a gorgeous display of other peoples artistry and creativity. 
However look what has happened -

I think it's time to stop when I don't even know that I have already bought one and go and buy the same one all over again.  I wouldn't mind but I had flicked through them both and had not realised until I collected all my magazines together.  I may have to go and lie down in a darkened room.
Good night. x

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  1. I love magazines and like nothing better than to sit with a cup of coffee flicking through one.
    I haven't seen the Mollie Makes magazine although it seems to be getting rave reviews.
    What do you think of it? Are you tempted to make anything from it?