Friday, 17 June 2011

New Hair Do

Hello there,
I'm not a happy bunny today.  I decided to change hairdressers as the last hair cut I had I was non too happy with.  I thought it would be a good idea to go to a local salon situated not too far from where I work in Ordsall, Retford.  Hairspray it's called. Bad decision.
Today I took myself off at 5o'clock all excited to be trying somewhere new and low and behold I have received the worst hair do in history.
I wouldn't have minded but I specifically explained that my hair is thick and therefore needs thinning out.  I also told the very nice lady that I liked my hair short, messy and spiky.  Good grief I'm not kidding she gave me a style my mother would have said was old fashioned and she's 87!  When she got out her curling tongs I should have screamed Noooooo - but of course being British I just sat and made small talk!
If nothing else I gave my hubby a laugh.  I am now sitting here with a plastic cap on my head giving my hair the Rusling treatment.  I will in 20 minutes time be very blond, and having also given myself a further trim might just be in a position to venture out in to the great blue yonder early in the morning.  Hopefully before anyone else has surfaced.  I don't want to give anyone a fright.
All joking a side I am just a tad disappointed and will be returning in 6 weeks time to the hairdresser that charges me an extortionate amount of money but who I can safely say has some sort of idea what on earth I am talking about.
I am myself a qualified hairdresser so can in all honestly quite legitimately criticise a so called hairdresser when they do a sub-standard job.
Sorry but I cannot bring myself to photograph this extraordinary sight.  All will be well when I have performed my magic I promise you.
This is a picture when I was looking more like my old self.  I don't have may photos of myself as I am rather critical as I'm sure everyone is.  I have probably about half a dozen really good ones usually of when I was in my thirties and about two stones lighter.  Funny but on the inside I still feel the same.  Unfortunately the mirror and the camera seem to have a different idea of what I look like.
Never mind.  Kindest wishes. Paula x


  1. I'm intending to go to Sheffield tomorrow so you'll be spared my photographic skills (such as they are). Lucky you.

  2. My ex husband once said that the difference between a bad haircut and a good one was a fortnight! This was after the worst haircut I ever had! I hope this helps. xxx

  3. Also, the most expensive haircut I ever had, sent me out of the salon looking like Audrey Roberts!!! (Corrie). I feel your pain! xx