Friday, 3 June 2011

Sunny Days

Hello again, I'm very pleased to be back with you and am thrilled that it is finally the weekend.  I'll be back on my stall tomorrow which is so exciting.  I love it.
Hasn't today been a gorgeous day.  I haven't seen much of it but it's great to see the sun shining through the windows.
I took these pictures just before I left for work this morning.  The climbing pale pink roses have flourished this year but I think I am going to have to cut them back later on as they are starting to get a bit wild.  The lupins are the best I have had too.  I think it could be because I haven't had time to weed this year so the roots haven't been disturbed.  This is a lesson to everyone to stand and smell the roses rather than do loads of weeding and end up killing all the plants.  Well that's my theory anyway.
The Iris is one we bought on a visit to Gardeners World Live many years ago.  I was attracted to it because it was called Steve.  I couldn't resist it as my husband is called Steve.  It has done really well unlike the little blue plant called Paula which lasted approximately one week before it shrivelled up and died.
I hope you are impressed with the way the words and photos are placed today.  This was definitely good luck and will probably never be replicated again.
Have a lovely weekend.  I can't promise to blog in the next couple of days but will certainly try.
Best Wishes Paula x 

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