Monday, 13 June 2011

Works in Progress & The Waltons

Good morning, I can't believe it was Wednesday when I was last in touch with you wonderful people in Blog Land.  My apologies, the days just seem to fly by don't they?
I went to my quilting/patchwork class on Thursday evening.  We are all getting on with our on going projects as we are organising a Quilt Festival on Friday the 24th June 2011 through untill the 26th June 2011.  It promises to be excellent with approximately 60 quilts and lots of other smaller items.  They will be shown in the churches in Bawtry and Austerfield, Doncaster, South Yorkshire.  The show will open at 10.00am (11.00am on Sunday) and close about 4.00pm.  Refreshments, bag tombola, raffle and stalls will be in the Bawtry church hall.  We're all looking forward to it and you're all welcome.
Well on to other business.  I sat in bed yesterday busy with a couple of brand new projects.  This is the first and I'm not sure if this will continue as this was a little practice piece. It is a crocheted granny square and I would like to make a lap quilt eventually if I can get the hang of the pattern.  It's not particularly complicated but each round is different and for my tiny brain it takes time to get used to it.  I found the pattern in my Mollie Makes magizine and then realised that it had originally come from the Gentle Art of Knitting book I featured in an earlier blog.  I used Jane Brockets book for the instructions rather than the magizine so that I could say I had done at least one this from it.  I haven't started the jumper yet but I will.
This is my new knitting project.  The colour reminds me of free range egg yolks. 
Having all that wool on my stall makes it so difficult to decide what colour to choose but sat on my stool on Saturday I was suddenly taken by this shade and so went straight ahead and casted on.  That way I couldn't dilly dally any longer.  It isn't expensive wool as I just wanted something cheap and cheerful.  I was going to knit in a wonderful chunky wool which was basically cream but was space dyed with orange and green.  It had caused a bit of a stir when I first displayed it and I was in two minds whether to use it for myself or to see if it sold first.  Anyway last week one pack was snapped up and the same lady came back and bought the second pack this week so that made up my mind for me.  I have got the same wool in a cream/denim/lilac mix so maybe that will be my next choice.
Yesterday was spent in a leisurely fashion watching TV.  I absolutely love the Waltons.  It was a programme I watched when I was quite young and when Steve told me it was on the True Entertainment channel I was thrilled to bits.  Unfortunately I can't watch it during the week as it is on too early so I only catch it on a Saturday or Sunday. It's good wholesome family television and the domestic references and beautiful quilts and home furnishings make this programme a real winner in our house.
Well on that note I will have to love you and leave you.
Have a great day and we'll speak soon. Paula x

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