Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Patchwork Quilts

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I was struggling to think of an interesting subject to talk about but really wanted to blog so in order to tap in to a little inspiration I decided to trawl, yet again, through my photo stash and low and behold I came across the picture I took of my traditional hexagon patchwork quilt.  This is another work in progress and it will shortly be coming up to the fourth anniversary of when I started it.  It is all stitched by hand just like our Grandmothers used to do and each hexagon it cut out in card before being wrapped in fabric and tacked.  Each piece is then pain stakingly over sewn together.  I have loved doing this and because each section is sewn individually it was something I could push in a bag and take anywhere.  I am currently stitching each section together and placing plain cream spacers in between.  If ever it gets finished I'll let you see the results.
Moving on I also came across this which shows a multitude of small quilts.  These and many others are the work of several very talented and devoted ladies who attend special Linus days.  I believe Linus was the little boy in Charlie Brown who dragged a blanket round with him, correct me if I'm wrong. 
The quilts are made and donated to sick people mainly children who would benefit from the comfort of a blanket and at the last gathering I went to there were approximately forty completed quilts by the end of the session.  It makes you very proud to be a part of this sort of thing and we receive lots of feedback from the people who receive them.
This is the quilt that my friend and I were working on at the last Linus day.  Unfortunately when it was stitched together we realised that whoever had cut the squares hadn't made then exactly the same size and as a result none of the points matched.  I now have this disaster under the table in my craft room and one fine day I will try to rectify the problem.  Not to worry it will get sorted when I get round to it. Ok well that's me for another day.          Regards Paula x

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