Sunday, 1 May 2011

Isn't she lovely?

Oh wow, did you all enjoy the Royal Wedding?  I certainly did.  I didn't intend to get excited over the event as I haven't followed their romance over the years and felt that under the circumstances I was being a little bit of a turn coat suddenly becoming interested.  Then I thought oh what the heck.  If I want to enjoy the whole pomp and ceremony of the day well why not?  So I did.  I didn't watch all the morning stuff as I had a bit of a lie in but from about 10.15am I was firmly glued to the television set.
I decided to have a go at taking pictures and was absolutely amazed at the result. 
I thought that Kate's dress looked beautiful with all the gorgeous lace detail.  Fantastic. Prince William was every bit the gentleman, and they both looked as though they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  There was none of the stuffiness often associated with these occasions.
Oh and that kiss.  Ahh bless.
I cried through most of the church service and beyond and the whole episode left me very emotional.  Thank you to the BBC for bringing so much joy and hope in to my front room.  I wish the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a life time of happiness and I think we can all say Amen to that.
Have a great Bank Holiday.

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