Sunday, 29 May 2011

Kruger Brothers

Hi there,
It's been another busy week.  It wasn't until Thursday when someone at my sewing class wished me a happy bank holiday that I realised that one was approaching.  I don't seem to have a minute spare at the moment.  I know that everyone is in the same boat nowadays.  I dream of a time when I can slow down abit.
Today has been a day when not much has been achieved.  I have been forced to take it easy as my body decided enough was enough. 
I slept solid until eight twenty five which is unheard of and then sat and knitted for a good long time.  Breakfast was a huge fry up followed by a photo shoot of my lovely flowers in the garden.
I then sat in bed and started reading a book my son bought me for my birthday last year called Died in the Wool by Mary Kruger (I don't think she is a relation of the Kruger Brothers) and then fell a sleep for a couple of hours.  When I got up I watched a bit of the Waltons on the True Entertainment channel and then it was time to cook the evening meal. 
Why is it that when you are given a lazy day on a plate you just can't help thinking that you could have spent it a whole lot more productively?
Last night was a night to remember however and hence the title of this blog.
Steve and I went to see the Kruger Brothers and what a magical experience it was.
The two guys on the outside are the brothers with Joel in the centre who is the bass player.
It's hard to describe their music which ranges from Irish folk through to classical and out the other end.  They are brilliant.  We were able to have a chat with them afterwards and they are such humble, quiet, gentle characters with hearts as bit as dustbins.  They are the type of people that you want as your best friends.  Wonderful.  Have a browse on u-Tube if you don't believe me.  I can guarantee you will be hooked.
We have seen them three times now at the Deering Banjo Festival held and organised by Eagle Music which is a shop which is the worlds top seller of Deering Banjos.  The shop is great and is in the middle of no where between Huddersfield and Holme Firth in a place called Honley.  Steve owns and runs the shop with his wife and daughter together with an expert team of musicians who know all there is to know about all types of instruments.  My husband has bought a Mandolin, a Deering Banjo and my Ukelele from them together with all sorts of accessories, books and CDs. They are very special people.

I must mention this man too who was the supporting act.  His name is Jon Strong.  What an amazing artist he is.  To look at him I was expecting something fairly ordinary but his voice is so clear and distinct and his guitar playing was just amazing.  He is a really cool person and so funny.  He had everyone rolling about even though he didn't really say anything.  He was just really laid back.  Apparently he has or had his own band called the Jon Strong Band and I suspect there will be albums and u-tube stuff out there.  He was selling a CD last night of his solo songs and I could kick myself that I didn't buy it.  I will when we go to see him at the same venue in September.
And finally,
Here are a few photographs of the flowers in my garden.
I love roses, don't you.  They are pure perfection.

 I took this picture with the camera pointing upwards as the beautiful flower which is an Aquilegia, was hanging down and I couldn't even see what I was photographing.  I love the way the light is shining through the petals.
OK well I'm going now as my laptop has decided to wind me up again.  Why won't it just let me do what I want to do?  The wonders of modern technology I don't think!
Bye for now.  Paula x

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