Monday, 16 May 2011

Jane Brocket

Hello again

Today I would like to talk about my latest purchase from Amazon which just happens to be the brand new  book by Jane Brocket.
I have followed Jane's blog from the very beginning and have admired the way that she began in such a small way and evolved in to a force worth reckoning with.  I own all of her books but find that the ones where she talks about her own interests which of course involve her family, to be her most inspiring.
I absolutely love The Gentle Art of Domesticity which show cases her unique style of photography and love of colour.
This is my next knitting project. It's a sloppy chunky plain knit jumper which will be perfect when I'm freezing to death next winter on my stall.  If you would like to visit Jane's blog please click here.

Well I must go now as I want to watch a program all about canal walks.  Will talk again soon. x

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