Thursday, 19 May 2011

Computers and Applique

Good morning folks

I'm having rather a difficult morning so far.  It has just taken me half an hour to transfer two photographs and read my emails.  This process should have taken me a couple of minutes tops but due to the age and obsolete condition of my laptop my time has been spent staring hopelessly at the screen whilst the thing decides to do what it was invented to do.  Anyway less of that, all being well once I've moaned and groaned to my lovely husband he might, just might give in and whisk me off to PC World.  We can live in hope.
This is actually what I wanted to show you today.  I go to a Quilting and Patchwork class on a Thursday evening and this is what we are doing at the moment.  It was the start of a new term last week and we are learning all aspects of Applique.  This is a French term meaning 'to apply'.
I was very sceptical when Helen our teacher said that this was what we would be doing because I am mentally scarred following a run in with my needlework teacher and an applique apple on a school apron.  Of course this was many years ago in one of my very first sewing classes at school but the horror of applique has stuck with me ever since.  Apparently this is a common reaction that Helen sees all too frequently.
Well above is my first attempt at facing my fears and I am very happy with the result.  Unfortunately I have a malfunctioning bias tape maker so the black binding you see is all hand tacked before it has been applied.  I hope to rectify this by visiting my local quilting shop tonight.  I need to buy a Clover one as the rest are pretty sub-standard.  I will show you what I mean when I have the new tape maker in my possession.
Right well I would have liked to talk to you all for longer but I have to be out of the house for eight fifteen and I need to shower, dress and apply my face before then.
I hope you all have a lovely day and will chat again soon.  Best wishes Paula

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