Monday, 30 May 2011

Lazy Days

Hi Everyone
I am trying to get as many blogs in as possible this week because as it gets closer to the weekend the less opportunity I have to sit at my laptop.
I hope you have all enjoyed your Bank Holiday.  Mine has been abit of a damp squid as far as excitement goes.  Yesterday and today have been spent knitting, which I thoroughly love, reading which I like immensly and watching television which is pretty good.  However when that's all you do for two days it does feel like a waste of ones prescious time.  I know I said that I was looking forward to a time when I could slow down abit but I didn't mean just yet.
I was looking through my photograph archive looking for an appropriate picture and I came across this one.  I love fairies and angels and bought this little beauty a while ago at a craft fair.  I can't even remember which one, I think it was at the Doncaster Race Course but I couldn't be sure, but just looking at her sums up my mood today.  Very sleepy and content with a touch of serenity thrown in for good measure. 
'Give me, kind heaven, a private station, a mind serene for comtemplation.' That was written by the poet John Gay.  It does continue but I like this part best.
Ok well on that note I shall bid you a good evening.  Best wishes from Paula x

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