Sunday, 22 May 2011

Birthday Boy

It's my husbands birthday today.  He is fifty and probably won't thank me telling the world.  I'm only three months behind him so there you are, that makes us equal.
Today we had a trip to Shackerstone where there is a lovely old railway station.  They run steam train trips to Shenton which is another old railway station a few miles from Shackerstone.  It was great.  The weather was warm and sunny although it was a little bit windy.

We got out of the train at Shenton and walked through the woods at Bosworth where the battle took place.  The woods were beautiful and every few yards there were information plaques  and sculptures.  It made a  refreshing change to find everything so well kept without the usual graffiti and general vandalism.

The wood ended at Bridge 34a on the Ashby canal so we then had a stroll by the water side enjoying the views and nodding to passers by. We spotted Mr & Mrs Duck with their oh so cute little brood of ducklings. 

 This was the enormous piece of carrot cake that we shared in the tea room on the station at Shackerstone.    It was very tasty in deed.  I didn't finish it all and Steve did kindly help out at the last minute. There's a fund raising shop situated in an old carriage station.  I bought a few craft books which were on offer so I got them for half price which was great.
Well that's a bit about our great day out.  I'll post a few more photographs tomorrow all being well.
It's now bed time. Night Night, God bless.

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