Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Spring is in the air

Hi I hope you all enjoyed the Easter break.  Fortunately I have another day off so I'm really pretty chipper this morning.  None of the first day back blues for me today.  I'll get mine tomorrow when everyone else is back to normal.
Yesterday we went out for a long walk on the Chesterfield Canal.  We started off at Drakeholes and continued from the tunnel past bridge 75 and beyond to the second set of locks and then returned.  The weather was glorious but with a lovely breeze which just kept the heat bearable.  I did however get the tell tale red burn mark on my neck from not bothering to apply sun screen.  I am very fair and should know better.  I know I should know better because I am constantly being told by my darling husband that I should know better. I picked some wild garlic from beside the path.  I sliced it up and sprinkled it in a batter I used to coat some chicken for tea last night.  It has a very subtle flavour and was delicious.
Did anyone watch the Spring Watch Special last night? It was lovely to hear about all the birds returning from Africa and other far away places. I love that program and think that Chris is so funny.  I remember him from my younger days when he used to present The Really Wild Show.
They asked the question 'What do you associate with Spring' and my photos today are what remind me that Spring has sprung.

Enjoy your day x

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