Sunday, 17 April 2011

A New Era

Good Afternoon

Well finally I can tell my family and friends that I have a blog.

This is very exciting for me as I have attempted to create a blog many times but haven't really got off the starting block. My problem has always been what to call it. I read somewhere that this is as difficult as naming your first born and although that for me wasn't so difficult as my son was named after his Grandad, the blog has been a different kettle of fish.

Anyhow the breakthrough came when I decided to go into business selling knitting wool and accessories. I was flicking through a magazine and hey presto the name Needlecraft leapt out at me. The corner came slightly later and has no relation to my premises being on a corner. They are a market stall but the name had a ring to it and I like it. Which is all that matters, don't you think?

I was totally surprised that the name was available as with all the creative blogs out there I would have thought that such a simple name would have been snapped up long ago. Little do I know. Anyway I was glad it hadn't or I wouldn't be writing this now.

OK, I'm going to go now. I don't want to over do it on my first post.

I'm going to do a spot of knitting now. I am half way through a baby jacket to show as a sample of the wool I sell. Unfortunately the pattern I have picked isn't as impressive as I would have hoped but hopefully when its done it will look better.

My friend has lent me the DVD Message in a Bottle. This is a real weepy apparently so wish me luck!

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