Monday, 1 April 2013

Happy Easter

I hope you are all enjoying your Easter holiday.  I certainly am.

I don't know about you but Easter doesn't seem to be made all that much of nowadays.  I can remember when I was little, looking forward to Easter almost as much as Christmas.  All my Easter eggs were lined up on top of the piano in the front room and I couldn't wait to eat them.  Family used to come and spend the day with us and we had a lovely time.
I noticed whilst stood on my stall on Saturday that no one seemed to be at all bothered.  They all seem happy to take the holiday but no one remembers what Easter is all about.  I don't go to church very often but I still believe that we should think why we celebrate Easter.

Isn't it great to get the light nights back again.  It was lovely last night to be looking out at nearly eight o'clock and still be able to see the garden.
We had a such a nice day yesterday. 
Painted polystyrene eggs covered with flowers cut from paper napkins
I got up early once Steve had gone to work and collected branches to make my Easter egg tree.  I also decorated some spring bulbs with ribbon and shredded paper.

It took a couple of hours but it was a sheer pleasure to spend time totally immersed in creating something beautiful.

There was an Antique and Collectors Fair at the Doncaster Race Course and me and Mum spent a few hours down there buying little bits and bobs. We then came home and had a cake decorating master class.  It was funny for me to teach my Mum rather than the other way round.
Our old car was leaking coolant by the time Steve got to work yesterday so we had to pick him up later.  That meant that my big Easter tea didn't get eaten until after eight but it was worth the wait. Mum didn't go home until very late but she had really enjoyed herself.
Thank you for dropping by and enjoy the rest of your day.

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