Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bedroom Colour Scheme

You might remember me asking if anyone could suggest a suitable colour scheme for my newly decorated bedroom.
Well, thanks to Sally I eventually added a pale mint green to my existing beige and cream ensemble.
I'm really pleased with the result and the atmosphere of the room has completely changed. It is so peaceful. The louvre blinds arrive on Friday if all goes to plan and then it will just be the finishing touches which I don't want to rush.
I already had the patchwork quilt which was a £5.00 star buy from a local Mothers Union fayre and I was thrilled when it toned in perfectly with the new bedding spotted by chance a week ago in Doncaster.
The tissue box is a recent handmade addition.
Steve made the radiator cover.  He's very clever when it comes to carpentry and I fell in love with the storm jar/candle holder which is the same tone of bluey green, only darker.
I made this little chap quite a long time ago and now he fits in perfectly wearing his pretty little jacket.
Isn't it great when a plan finally comes together.  Thanks Sally x

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