Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Lemon Pavlova

I watched the Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood Easter baking programme the other evening and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I love the way they interact and the great respect they hold for each other without being too formal.  Paul is so cheeky and she always remains such a lady.
One of the recipes that caught my eye was the Easter Lemon Pavlova
It was fairly easy to make although it did take a long time to prepare.  The meringue base was in the oven for an hour and a half and then had to stay there to cool.  There were several stages to the recipe too which included making the lemon curd.  This then had to cool before it could be stirred in to the fresh cream and the lemon rind which had to be boiled in syrup to crystallise then had to be left to dry for two hours.  Hence why the photos were taken with artificial light late last night making them a little yellow. 
None of the stages/steps were difficult though and I would definitely make this again.
What I liked about the recipe was that nothing went to waste.  The egg whites went in to the meringue.  The egg yolks went in to the lemon curd and the lemon zest went in to the decoration on top.
The finished Pavlova was a real show stopper and tasted amazing. It actually looked like Mary's too which was an added bonus. The meringue was soft in the middle and lovely and chewy  I halved all the ingredients and made a five inch circle instead of ten and as you can see it turned out plenty big enough to feed six greedy people. There were only two of us so plenty left over for an afternoon blow out later.

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