Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Pin Stripe Phone Sock

I recently visited Heath's Country Store at Ollerton and whilst there noticed a scarf which was hung up.  The pattern for the scarf was pinned to it and although I tried to memorise it I failed miserably.
Since then I have been thinking of how to duplicate the pattern having the idea but not the means stuck in my head.
I mentioned this to my lovely friend Nicky who is one of my most regular stall customers and loyal member of my knit and natter, and bless her, she brought me two wonderful books full of knitting stitch instructions.  I couldn't believe how many patterns you can create with two stitches, Knit and Purl.

Anyway after a little bit of trawling I came across exactly what I was looking for.
As a practice I made this phone sock which Steve very much appreciated.

The pattern will follow shortly.

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