Sunday, 7 April 2013

Rufford Park near Retford

As you know we've been off this week and although we haven't been away we have managed a couple of little excursions.  We didn't venture far from home as the purpose of our break was to do a few jobs around the house.
I must admit I haven't managed to do many but that is beside the point.
We did go to Rufford Park though.  It was absolutely freezing but the sun did come out and we had a lovely stroll around the lake.

There's plenty of wild life too that do get a little too close on occasion, especially the Geese.
This one was getting ready to have a go at an unsuspecting dog.
I couldn't believe how long this Robin sat allowing me to take pictures of him.
This is the hall and behind it another building which is more of a ruin which you can go in. I didn't look around that area and I've forgotten what it is exactly.  I'm sure we'll be visiting again soon so no doubt I'll learn more then.
Everything had had a good Spring clean and looked very sparse.  It will look a lot prettier in Summer when the leaves and flowers are out.
There are a couple of shops including a beautiful selection of hand crafted jewellery and pottery and lots of books.  It is well worth a trip out and the cafe serves good food. It was free to get in too which was an added bonus.  This isn't always the case though, it can cost around £3.00 to park at weekends and when there are events on, but I think that is very reasonable.

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