Sunday, 29 January 2012

All things bright and beautiful

Yesterday was such a lovely, bright almost Springlike day that it inspired to look for and appreciate the colour in my life.
I love spring flowers.  My indoor daffodils have just gone over I'm afraid.  I prefer to grow the little miniature types but I had two pots of the large ones bought for me as a present.  I forgot to stake them so they have gone all top heavy.  They are beautiful all the same.
Cygnet Double Knit Wool
I have just received my latest order of Cygnet wool.  The colours are fantastic and the quality is top class.  
One of my competitors told a customer of mine that the reason my prices are so low is that I sell rubbish.  That sounds to me like someone who feels threatened. How sad that they have to resort to slander to keep their customers!  

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  1. Hi Paula,

    Thank you very much for stopping into Chronically Vintage and sharing the story of the woman named Eunice you meet with me. Unfortunately the Eunice in my story passed away several years ago (and she, so far as I know, never owned a computer, let alone had a blog), so I think it's highly unlikely we're dealing with the same person. I really hope you're able to track your Eunice down though.