Monday, 9 January 2012

New Interests

Since Christmas and my super Dior present from Joe and Heather I have found a brand new interest.  I have always loved makeup and can remember getting in to trouble for wearing eye-shadow back in junior school.  The problem is when you get busy with life you sometimes forget and also miss what's out there, and before you know it you are totally out of touch.  Now I know that there is much more important stuff out there than sticking a bit of lipstick on.  However, I also feel that taking care of your appearance is a fantastic way of expressing your own creativity. 
Yesterday I had the opportunity to have a makeup make over at the Benefits counter in Boots.  It wasn't planned but it was such an enjoyable experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn about new products.  I realise that this is a way for companies to encourage people to buy their products but as I intended to anyway I felt that I was getting value for money at the same time.
Above is my haul from the past week.
The eye pencil and the pore refiner are Benefit products.  The eye makeup is from Claire's.  This was a recommendation on the Internet and for £4.50 for a pallet of ten eye colours is extremely reasonable.  I tried them today and  I was very impressed.  The colours were really vibrant.  I haven't tried all the colours yet but on the face of it they seem great.
Just in case you think I've completely lost the plot here are a couple of pictures to bring us back down to earth.
This is the Bow Tie table runner I made for my mum for Christmas.  It took forever but she loved it which is all that matters.
The squares were sewn together by hand so that I could get it done on the move.  The triangles were then added with machine stitching.  Everything was then machine quilted just to keep it altogether and to attach the backing and finally the border was stitched on and hand finished.
This is the most ambitious project I have done so far and I must admit it was hard to part with it.  
My quilting class starts again on Thursday so it will be exciting to find out what will be next.

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