Thursday, 4 July 2013

Craft Catch Up

Phew it seems like ages since I last chatted.  The reason for this is Pinterest.  I stumbled upon this site by chance but recently registered and my photographs can now be shared and pinned on other people's boards through Pinterest.
The down side to all this is that I get drawn in and by the time I've had a quick trawl around the site, it is time to go to work or go home and I run out of time to blog. The pictures and craft ideas are fantastic and I would recommend you have a browse when you have a spare hour or so.
Anyway excuses out of the way, I thought I'd bring you up to date with a couple of crafty projects I've been doing over the past few days, these are ideas I have found on Pinterest of course so here goes.
 I've been wanting to make some button jewellry for absolutely ages but didn't have any buttons I would choose to wear.  However on a recent visit to Horncastle I discovered a little fabric shop and was able to buy a couple of mixed button bags.  They are lovely and lend themselves to this kind of thing very nicely.
I've also started making clay handles for my crochet hooks.  This was also an idea I found on the Internet by accident and thought, what a good idea.
The clay is rolled in to a sausage and the hook then gets pushed inside and moulded to a pleasing shape.  It is then baked on a low heat for about 20 minutes.  I then made canes of different coloured clay which I cut in to slices and pressed on to the sides of the handle, like this.
Once all the handle is covered in little circles all you do is roll it to join the bits together.  Make sure you don't work it too much or you end up with a saggy bag rather than a smooth covering which stays stuck to the main section.  Once you have it as you want it, finish off with a little collar and bake again for another 15 - 20 minutes.
Be careful if using Fimo as the colours change if the heat is too intense. This one started as a lovely pastel yellow.
The handles feel warm to the touch and make crocheting much more comfortable, particularly if like me you suffer with neck trouble.

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