Sunday, 7 July 2013

Horncastle, Lincolnshire Festival

I'm a bit late sharing this with you but with one thing or another time has just slipped by.
Last week after doing my stall we set off for Horncastle to see the Light Festival which was being held as part of the Lincolnshire Festival.
The Admiral Rodney Hotel
We booked in at a Best Western hotel in Horncastle which as you can see was very impressive, and had a few drinks whilst we waited for it to go dark.
Outside village was illuminated and looked enchanted. Every building was lit with colourful lights.
All the shops were lit up from within.  This was an antique shop which stayed open until very late.
The main attraction was a depiction of the voyage of the Endeavour with the famous botanist George Banks who lived at Horncastle.  This was projected on the side wall of one of the buildings in the village.
The film had been made by the same people who did the projections on Buckingham Palace during in the Jubilee celebrations and at the Olympics.
I took a video of the film and will pop this on when I work out how to do it.
As you can see, the evening was really magical and well worth a visit.

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