Sunday, 21 July 2013

Brodsworth Hall, Doncaster

As the weather was so beautiful last Sunday, we had a quick trip out to Brodsworth Hall.  This is just down the motorway for us and about a ten minute drive, so very handy indeed.
The gardens are beautiful at this time of the year but unfortunately you are now forced to pay to go in the house even if you don't want to.  It costs just over nine pounds to get in and I expect that we won't be going again in the near future.  It is outrageous that you can't just pay to go round the gardens.  The point is, if you live locally and you've already seen inside the house, why would you want to go in it over and over again?
Cusworth Hall is a stones throw away and that is free to go in so I reckon Brodsworth will do themselves a lot of damage.
OK rant over.  The gardens are very structured and look almost Mediterranean.  I'm sure they must have looked like this when the house was built and as you walk round you are transported back in time.
Steps lead down into a fern garden which has taken several years to construct but is well worth the time and effort.
The Target House - Where archery took place
The rose garden had some gorgeously fragranced specimens although a bit of dead heading was required.
The little church at the edge of the gardens was open for afternoon tea and although we had already eaten lunch in the restaurant we couldn't resist a nice cup of tea and a scone with jam and cream.  At 50p a cup who could blame us? We sat in the cool church and soaked up the atmosphere.
We spent a smashing afternoon strolling round and went home feeling completely refreshed.

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