Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wind in the Willows - Burnby Hall Gardens

 I told you we had booked to go and see Wind in the Willows at Burnby Hall Gardens and that was what we did last Friday afternoon.  The weather was scorching and we had a tasty picnic in the grounds before the play started.
This was staged by the Chapter House Theatre Company and it was magical.  Lots of people attended and I have never seen so many children totally mesmerised.  The actors even came out at half time and played games with the kids.
Mole and Toad
 The characters were so funny and well played.  Toad was hilarious and had based his character on Michael McIntyre.  I don't know whether this was intentional but it was just amazing.
Ratty and Toad

Otter and Weasel
 The lady who played Otter carried a hand puppet all the time and even that had a personality all of its own.  She also played the Stoat to perfection.

Ratty and Mole
 Ratty was played by a girl which was inspired as was Mole.  They were just so likable and the kids fell in love with them all.

The Weasel was a real spiv, ducking and diving, and this chap was very busy changing in to a French Rat not to mention other characters as the story unfolded.
At the end the players came out and sat at the front of the stage so the children and adults could chat to them.  I heard one little girl telling Mole that she liked digging too.  How cute was that?
If you get the chance to see this or any of the many productions they have running this year snap up the tickets.  They are truly professional and brilliant.

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