Sunday, 18 September 2011


Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.  I do usually write more often but at the moment things seem to be a bit more hectic than usual.
I had a fantastic day yesterday.  Takings on my stall were the highest yet, which is very encouraging.  Lots of people now know where I am and are sending their friends to see me, so that's wonderful.
Last night Steve and I went to see Miles Hunt and Erica Nockells.  Miles is the lead singer of Wonderstuff who were quite big in the Eighties and Erica who is an extremely pretty and talented violin player joined him around 2006 when the group needed a new violinist.
Erica just happens to be the daughter of my friend Louise who works where I work.
There aren't many girls that could pull off a hair cut like this one but she did it beautifully and don't be deceived by the pretty dress as she was wearing a pair of what looked like hob nailed boots with this outfit. 
Just so that Miles doesn't feel left out here's one of him.
There is a lot of their stuff on You Tube.  You'll have probably heard of Size of a Cow.  That was their most popular song.
Speak to you all again soon, Paula x

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  1. Fantastic news that your stall did amazingly on Saturday :-) I love that the recommendations are coming through. xxx