Sunday, 4 September 2011


Hello everyone and thank you for dropping by.
Well, we're back after an absolutely wonderful holiday.  Norfolk is amazing with so much to do and see.
When I have told people that I was going to Norfolk they automatically thought we were going on the Norfolk Broads.
We actually stayed in Little Walsingham which is a small village best known for its Shine which we didn't visit.  Lots of people did though and I have never seen so many Priests and Nuns wandering around the streets and in the local restaurants,  It made me wonder who were looking after their Churchs. The place was very atmospheric and extremely picturesque.
On our first day we went to Wells-next-to-the-sea which is a sea side town with a large harbour which leads out to sea.  This picture was taken whilst we walked along the path which lead to the end of the harbour where the sands were together with a long row of beach huts.  Amazingly these beach huts sell for upwards of £70,000.  Can you believe it?
They are so charming but they are only glorified sheds, as my husband pointed out.We had some delicious fish and chips from French's which must be quite famous as the queues to get in were massive.  I felt quite sorry for the other eating places as they seemed to be suffering from the popularity of Frenchs.  They were good though.
Anyway I'm off now to make our evening meal.  I know it's a bit late but we've been catching up today.  I've been gardening, baking, making jam and pickling beetroot and Steve has painted the bathroom ceiling and floor.  The new bathroom is lovely and I will let you see it shortly.
Bye for now. Paula x

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  1. We love Norfolk and have had some brilliant holidays there. Its lovely seeing your photos and makes we want to go back. xx