Sunday, 15 November 2015

Special Sunday

Sundays are my favourite day of the week primarily because it is the only full day off I get and so I try to treat it with the reverence it deserves.
Hubby has every other Sunday off work which makes it even more special.
Today we decided to have breakfast at Morrisons which is our local supermarket and although this doesn't exactly fit in with my self improvement regime it does improve my quality of life so in a way I think it does help me move forward even if it is in a rather fattening self indulgent way.
We did however decide to go for a good walk in Potteric Carr which is part of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.
I would love to paint this scene but wouldn't know where to begin
This is a beautiful part of our local countryside and a place where I feel most at home at the moment.  The weather was blustery and threatened rain on more than one occasion but it held out long enough for us to grab a good breath of fresh air.
I have decided that as part of my getting better promise I will also share a few more personal photographs of myself with my readers.
I love my winter coat and my handmade crocheted Road Trip Scarf
I absolutely hate my own photographs and struggle to get used to how I look at the moment.  I still imagine that I look like I did in my late twenties and it never fails to surprise me that I don't look young and slim anymore. It is my resolution to get used to the way I look and in time actually like myself again.
A very cold looking sky although it was unusually mild for the time of year

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