Sunday, 8 November 2015

Give it a year - 365 days to a new me

For some time now I have been feeling less than great and it is not unusual to see me popping a couple of pain killers into my mouth before I have even surfaced from my bedroom.
I put this down to a number of factors namely
  • Working a six day week - leaving the house at five to seven in the morning and returning at six forty five in the evening.
  • Drinking far too much alcohol when I finally return home in an attempt to 'make the most of my evenings'.
  • Eating a diet made up of carbs, fat and sugar with red meat thrown in for good measure!
  • Very little fresh air.
There are other things too but I'm sure you've got the picture by now so I won't go on.

Anyway I have decided that I have to do something positive to try and bring some balance to my life before I lose the will to live altogether and to do this I am going to give myself a year (yes - it will take that long) to turn things around.
I intend to change everything in my life that isn't perfect and that includes my health, home life, life style, image, attitude, body, the success of my business -  you name it, I'm changing it - for the better I hope.

I'm sick of feeling rubbish and doing exactly the same thing everyday hoping that things will change - that's the definition of madness by the way.

I hope that you all get behind me during my time of transformation and I am determined to make you proud of me.
This is to show you how I look today - not a great picture but the best I have
I feel that I have got my mojo back and think that sharing with my readers will motivate me to get my finger out and actually put by intentions in to full swing.
Well first things first.  I've had a lovely soak in the bath and I painted my finger nails a lovely shade of pale grey.  This made me feel alot better.  Usually I just slap a colour on but for my first day at becoming better I soaked my nails before pushing back the cuticles and painting on a base coat.  Then came two coats of nail varnish.  I did forget to but a top coat on but Rome wasn't built in a day so cut me some slack here.
I also added a peach coloured toner to my hair just to give it a bit of a lift as I do feel that my bleached blond hair could do with toning down a little but my hair just went orange which isn't a good look for me.  Fortunately this was a wash in wash out kind so although I have a little tinge of the jaffa going on it isn't unbearable.  Note to self - do not buy coloured toners from the £1 shop even if they were by L'oreal.  They were in the £1 shop for a reason!

Lunch today consisted of cream crackers and cheese and although not as healthy as I would have wished I didn't want to go shopping on my day off - will try harder tomorrow - I promise.
I Absolutely adore olives and they are good for you as long as you don't eat too many.
Todays goals are:
  • To eat a nutricious dinner with plenty of vegetables
  • Drink some water
  • Relax
  • Get an outfit ready for tomorrow which is simple and stylish.
Have a great day and if you have any advice please leave a comment.  

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  1. There's nothing more important than your health. Why not have another day off every week - Thursday, being not a market day would be sensible but Monday would let you have two days in a row - probably better(?)
    Ask your customers - I'm sure they could manage without you for one day a week.
    So glad that your business is so successful but you are what matters.