Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sunday Excursion

Sunday threatened to be a nice day so we got up early and popped to Clumber Park near Retford.
Even folded up, trying to get mine and Steve's full size bike in the car was impossible.  So rather than buy a bike rack we bought another foldable Raleigh Swift. 
This was the first time we've been biking together ever and it was a lot of fun.  I'm not very good yet and a bit of a scaredy cat but I am improving slowly. We found a couple of tracks which weren't so busy which gave me chance to practise.
Once it got busy we headed back home, not before we had bought local honey and a honey recipe book though.  There was an exhibition inside one of the buildings which had an observation hive and lots of information about keeping bees. They even had a selection of honeys to try from very light clear ones up through to dark and then set ones as well.  Watch this space to see all the new recipes I want to try.

As it was such a nice day Steve suggested that we drop the bikes off and pop through to Shardlow which is down the M1 close to the river Trent. I had planned to go to the craft fair at the Race Course but didn't get I'm afraid.
We parked in the Navigation pub car park and walked down the canal.  Steve had heard that they had replaced the old bridge which had been swept away some time ago.  This now connects the two banks of the river Trent enabling you to walk as far as Sawley Marina.  This is where we did our Helmsman Certificate a few years ago.
Seagulls on the River Trent
The walk was about four miles in total and together with the two hours on the bikes you can imagine how we felt by the time we got back to the car.
These swans were enjoying a few scraps.
Of course we can't forget the ducks can we?
It was a great day and we just made it back before it started to rain again!

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