Monday, 2 July 2012

Nostell Priory and Lots More

It's been quite an eventful few days.
Steve bought me a new bike on Thursday, my Mum was taken into hospital on Saturday and we visited Nostell Priory yesterday.
First my new bike.  A Raleigh Swift Folding retro kind of bike.  It's great.  I had a quick practice at Clumber Park on Friday.  I'm rubbish on a bike and need to get up to speed before we go on holiday in eight weeks time, so that we can have "adventures" as my husband puts it.
With regard to my Mum. she has a very bad chest infection which is being treated with antibiotics through her arm.  She is also iron deficiant which they put down to internal bleeding so they need to sort that out.  Unfortunately she is 88 with Asthma which means that any operations or investigations she has are pretty risky so we will just have to wait and see what happens.
On a lighter note we did manage a couple of hours at Nostell Priory.  Steve and I only get one day in every two weeks together so we wanted to do something special before we went back to work.  I didn't get back from the hospital until 11 o'clock on Saturday evening.
We had a lovely long walk by the waters edge.
Through the woods with the beautiful fox gloves which had self seeded along the paths.

You wouldn't have guessed it was the 1st July.  The weather was cold and grey. More like the beginning of Winter.
There were a few water lillies out on the water though which reminds me that we must go back to Pocklington soon to see the lillies there.
I spent another couple of hours with Mum yesterday afternoon, got home and cut Steve's hair then it was time for bed.  I'm having the day off work today so I can spend a bit more time with Mum before my Knit and Natter group tonight. At this rate I'll be meeting myself coming back!

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  1. Sending well wishes your Mom's way. I hope that she is feeling better soon and back home.
    Congrats on the new bike.
    Thanks for the lovely pics of your day out.
    Have a great week!