Sunday, 17 June 2012

My Garden

After returning home from my stall yesterday I needed a few moments peace and decided to wander around my garden.  As you know my stall is right next door to a flower stall and I stand looking at all the beautiful bouquets and plants and it makes me think of gardening and other domestic arts which often get pushed aside because I'm too busy working.
On my stroll I picked a lovely bunch of yellow and pink roses together with a branch of bay leaves and a piece of a willowy yellow flowered plant.  I don't know what it is called unfortunately.

The lupins have done really well this year which makes me think that I had better collect and cultivate the seed this year just in case I lose it.  I had a lovely blue one a couple of years ago which suddenly disappeared.  I didn't even see it start to die it just wasn't there the following year.
These Red Hot Pokers have suddenly appeared.  I think I must have bought them as a baby plant from a local garden open day we go to every July.  If not they are from some seeds I grew a few years ago.  My husband calls me the Forgetful Gardener because I am always surprised when a plant decides to show itself by which time I have forgotten all about it and where it came from.
Steve made the fence in the background.
None of these shrubs were planted by me.  They started life in the garden next door and over time toppled over a flimsy fence and overwhelmed it.  The beech tree self seeded from the other side of the fence where our neighbours try in vain to keep a row of them under control.  Ours is getting quite big now even though Steve takes a hack saw to it quite regularly.  I don't know what the blossom is.  It looks like apple or orange but isn't.  The flowers actually grow upside down so are difficult to keep in a vase.  Very strange.  If anyone has any ideas I would love to know what it's called.  I should have took a close up.
My sweet peas are doing amazingly well.  I planted them in two pots, one at each end of the garden.  The ones that get the most sun are doing a lot better as you can imagine. You can see them in the lupin photo.  I always pick the flowers as soon as they come out and keep them on my window sill. That way by picking them they will produce more flowers and keep going longer.

Well I hope you enjoyed the tour.  At least the garden is enjoying the rain even if we're not.

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  1. Your garden is beautiful!!

    Have you ever thought to keep a garden journal so you don't depend on your memory? I keep meaning to, but I keep forgetting. ;-)