Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Bank Holiday

Isn't it great to have a few days off work? I love being able to take it easy.
I made these ear-rings to sell on my stall.  They look a bit like Union Jacks I thought but Steve said they reminded him of rock at the seaside.  Either way they proved popular with my customers.
And how about this for an amazing creation.  The ladies at the Crossing Knitting Group in Worksop did this using wool that they had bought from my stall.  Doesn't it look great?
Yesterday we decided to go to the Crick Boat Show. Now this cute little boat is the type we will be buying in the future.  As it says on the side this one was ten years old and was delightful.  It is only about 30 feet long and is designed for two people which is ideal for us.  It is built from aluminium which saves on having to lift the boat out of the water to paint her but the down side is that they don't drop in price.  This one was about £30,000.  Not to worry, if I stop buying off Amazon and cut down on make-up purchases we might save enough in about three years!
We didn't stay at the show too long but it was excellent with lots of boats to look at and loads of exhibitors.
We stopped off at Calke Abbey which is in Warwickshire I believe.  We were too late to go inside the house.  I was disappointed about this but Steve isn't keen on looking around dreary interiors so was happy to saunter around the grounds soaking up the lovely fresh air.
The Walled Garden
A display of Geraniums
Wild Flower Meadow

The perfume of this rose was over powering.
What a lovely day we had.
I hope you all enjoyed yourselves too.

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