Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Diagonal Scarf

I just can't stop stopping by at the moment.  I feel on top of the world again following a series of migraines starting on Saturday and finally settling down yesterday.  I had the same problem last week too. They are sign of getting old apparently!
I bought this book at the weekend whilst scurrying around The Works book shop.  We only had about an hour to route out books and have a coffee before they closed for the day.
I noticed this book several weeks ago and didn't really take much notice.  Knitting books usually use such specific wools that they are useless.  Having a wool stall means that I tend to begrudge buying wool from other sources so therefore if I can't substitute what they recommend with something I sell I don't bother.
That aside I did buy this one because I liked the pattern for the beardy man's jumper.  However on closer inspection I actually fell in love with the scarf in the middle.
Oh I know.  You are probably thinking why is she starting yet another project when she still has at least a hundred other things on the go, and you would be right.  Why? Well because I can.  The other things will get done.  They always do, just in my own time.  There's no rush and the enjoyment is in trying something new.  It's what keeps me going.
This pattern starts with two stitches and on each row you increase one stitch by knitting into the front and back of the first stitch on each row.  Once you have fifty stitches on your needle you continue as follows:
Increase in first stitch, knit to last two stitches, knit two together. Knit next row.
Repeat the last two rows a total of 140 times or more if you want a longer scarf.
To finish the point of the scarf - Knit next row to last 2 stitches, knit these stitches together. Repeat the last row until you have two stitches and cast off.
How easy is that?  They recommend a double knit, variegated wool and if you use different colour combinations to separate them with a couple of rows of a lighter colour.
I am using a Sirdar baby wool for mine.  I picked up three odd balls in a charity shop a year ago for a pound (this wool is usually about £3 a ball) thinking I would make a baby cardigan but I think it will look lovely for this scarf and is so soft it shouldn't tickle.

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  1. I'm a serial starter as well. There's nothing like the excitement of starting a new project and yes, everything does get done in time.
    I knitted a cotton dishcloth using the same technique as the scarf you are knitting. It was a fun project.