Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Birthday Outting - Marple Bridge

It was Steve's Birthday yesterday and as a special treat we decided to have the day off work.
We set off in search of a place called Marple which is in Cheshire.  Unfortunately there was no connection between the place and Miss Marple but never mind.
Marple Bridge is a small town just down the road from Marple itself with a couple of nice little shops.  The main reason we went there though was to walk a little bit of the Macclesfield Canal.  We started at lock number 9.
Macclesfield Canal - Marple

The water was a bit murky due to all the boats.  It must have been the best day for weather we've had this year.  I even have a couple of pink bits to prove it.
The scenery was beautiful with the hills in the back ground.
We had a good walk before dropping in at the Navigation pub for a well earned beer and lunch.  The food was excellent.  I didn't take a photo as I'm sure you know what bangers and mash and chicken in barbecue sauce looks like.
We then walked back down by the canal and up the other side finishing at Bottom Lock.  There were lots of locks which indicates that the incline was steep.  I'm definitely feeling my legs today.
Stone Bridge - Macclesfield Canal

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