Sunday, 9 June 2013

Weekend Crafting

What a great weekend.  Plenty of sunshine and plenty of knitting and sewing.  Who could ask for more?
This should actually be last weeks blog however due to yet another technical hitch I wasn't able to publish anything.
Panic over I am now the proud owner of a brand new mouse for my laptop which now means that the right hand button which has stuck is no longer a problem to me. I can carry on until I can get the laptop fixed, which will probably be a long time as I don't like to be without it.
OK, well first up is my mitred square knitting which I will be making in to a cushion in the near future.  I won't be publishing the pattern as it is a nightmare to explain and I found just what I was looking for here
by typing in the words Mitred Square Blanket. 
I used 4 ply sock wool and because it is space dyed it made these fantastic log cabin effect squares. Very effective, I'm sure you'll agree.
Next up is the bag I have been working on which replaces my old favourite. This one is a little bigger than the original which might prove to be a mistake as I could never find anything in the other as it was.
The front is hand sewn on to wadding and a backing fabric using the Victorian technique of crazy patchwork.
You start with one small piece of fabric and place the second on top, right sides facing. Stitch a small seam and then fold out and press. Continue adding pieces until you have something like mine and then embroider the seams using a stitch of your choice.
I used a feather stitch, which is traditional, as is the black thread.  I also did a little machine embroidery on the plain sections just to give a bit more texture and interest. This is obviously where tradition got thrown out of the window.
I stitched this to a buzzy bee backing and lined it with a caramel coloured fabric.
This bag has already proved really useful and I'm sure I'll be using it for a few years to come.
Well that's about all for now.  I am working on a few other things so they will have their own reveal very shortly.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and speak soon.

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