Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wildlife in Norfolk

I thought I'd give you something different this morning, mainly because I have already posted about Norfolk last year when we visited for the first time.
This year we had a slightly different agenda mainly because we felt that we wanted to do things that we hadn't managed to get around to doing on our last trip.
That said we visited one or two nature and bird reserves and rekindled our twitching interest.
My little Canon Ixus did me proud this holiday producing some very nice photographs using the zoom.
This one was taken at Titchwell Marsh Reserve.  The facilities at all of the RSPB places we visited were outstanding.

For some reason I love this photo.  Can you spot bird number 3?
I absolutely hate beetles.  They give me the shudders but I couldn't resist showing this as I was impressed by the sheer detail.  Look at the legs and feelers.  How amazing is that?

Tiny Frog

If you get chance to visit a nature reserve please do so.  You can always hire binoculars if you don't have your own and you can sit in the cosy hides and easily loose yourself in the marvellous nature.  We find it a great way to wide down.

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