Tuesday, 11 September 2012


 I am totally fed up with the clothes in my wardrobe and have for quite a few weeks now been picking up the courage to tip the lot out and get rid of all the well worn and dated stuff in there.
I once spent a very enjoyable day with a Colour Me Beautiful consultant who removed my makeup and then held large pieces of gorgeous coloured fabrics in front of me to determine what colours truly set my natural colouring alight.  It was fascinating particularly when certain colours which I would never have touched were so good for me.  Camel, teal, salmon, marigold, purple etc etc.  It was amazing.
I still have the wallet with all the colour swatches and recently went on the CMB website to check out the makeup range.  It was so reassuring to see that the colours were still there after so many years and I will be sending for the foundation, blusher, eye shadows and lipsticks very soon.
As far as my new wardrobe is concerned I just loved the pebble colours and the shades of grey (not quite 50!) and caramel.  The murky skies of Norfolk against the foliage also got me thinking that these could just me my new autumn pallet. 

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