Thursday, 6 September 2012

Blickling Hall and Gardens

As you will have no doubt have gathered we do like to visit as many National Trust stately homes as possible, particularly when we are away.  This is because we are members and being Yorkshire folk like to get our moneys worth out of our membership fees.
This place was very impressive and also had a massive second hand book shop which always scores points in my opinion.
As always by the time we arrive at any destination the first thing we do is have a comfort break which usually includes cake.
This was a large chunk of Harvest Cake which was sticky and delicious. I usually get drawn to the rustic style cakes rather than chocolate etc.
View from inside the Cafe
The inside of the hall was beautiful.  I always enjoy looking around the bedrooms best.  It must be the pretty wall papers and lovely dainty furniture that appeals to me.
Close up of the wallpaper of the room above

I don't know about you but I always start imagining myself living in these places. In my head it is very romantic but I expect real life was not half so great.
Wall mounted candle holder
As always time is not on my side.  Back soon.

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  1. Very beautiful. Yummy looking cake.
    Thanks for sharing your pics. I would love to visit places like this.