Monday, 12 December 2011

May the Force be with you

Is it me or is it beginning to feel like Christmas?  I got a bit panicky this week as I had got it into my head that Christmas was next weekend.  You can imagine my relief when I realised that I had another week.
I hope you are more organised than me.  I'm like a headless chicken at the moment scooting from one thing to another whilst not really getting anything done.
Steve wanted us to spend the day together yesterday as it was his last day off until Christmas Day.
I needed to go shopping and so did he so we went in to Doncaster.  It was a pretty swift visit as you don't hang about with a bloke in tow do you?  Anyway on the way home we stopped off at the Lakeside Shopping Centre which is literally five minutes away from where we live, and look who was there.
Storm Trooper
There were all the characters from the Star Wars movies.  If I'm wrong about this being a Storm Trooper then I apologise.  No doubt Joe will put me right.
There were lots of people taking photographs but when they got out of the way this guy posed especially for me.  It must be the first time I have actually had my camera with me and the courage to get stuck in and take pictures.  I'm quite shy and don't like drawing attention to myself.  However since blogging I feel the need to take pictures so I have something interesting to talk to you about.  So thank you for visiting, you are helping me to face my fears, so to speak.
Finished projects this week have been the dolls blanket and a dog jacket.  Unfortunately because I didn't complete them until Friday night and they we collected Saturday morning, it slipped my mind to take photographs.  Never mind.

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