Sunday, 16 July 2017

Carlton in Lindrick flower show and garden inspiration

Its been all go at Needlecraft Corner but today I was determined to have a little bit of me time and check in with you all.

It's strange but lately I seem to be getting a lot more visitors from the United States.  I'm not sure why this should be other than there is another business called the same name other than that maybe you lovely americans just want to get a bit of information about how we brits are doing.  Who knows?  It's great and amazing to think that my humble little blog reaches people all over the world.
Anyhow back to what I've been up to.  The website has been relaunched and is much better than the old one. Click here to take a look Although getting to grips with it has been a bit of a nightmare and there are still things that I am not happy with.  I give the impression that I know what I'm doing but in reality I'm a novice but I am getting better every day.

My lovely Mum is in hospital again.  She is 93 and gets more frail every day.  She is a battler though and is so positive she is an inspiration to us all.
I have been busy promoting the shop and am running a new workshop on the 25th July 2017.  This is a needle felting class and costs £15.00 to attend.

All are welcome but I have had to insist on a £5.00 deposit to ensure attendance.  I have been caught out before!
In addition we have been working on the garden and have had some lovely potatoes and cabbages.

The peas, beans, sweetcorn, beetroot, radishes and rocket are yet to grow big enough to harvest.  Our ultimate goal in life is to own our own small holding but at the moment we only have a small, small, small holding at the back of our house.

We visited the mill in Carlton in Lindrick recently.  They were holding their annual flower festival.  The garden in front of the mill was gorgeous and is now my inspiration for our own little plot.

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