Sunday, 26 March 2017


I am relatively new to needle felting and actually taught myself with the aid of Pinterest tutorials.
It was a lovely friend and customer who encouraged me to start a small class which began on a similar line to my knit and natter groups.
The beginning of a new creation
Basically we just got together and learnt the brand new techniques from a total novice level and over time our skills have developed.  I like trying different things every week where others may concentrate on one thing until they have exhausted the possibilities.

Wet felted bowl with free form machine embroidery
In my previous post I showed you what I had achieved in the weeks starting just before Christmas.  It was very satisfying to be able to give a few members of my family hand felted gifts that showed that I cared and show cased my growing talents.

Since then my love of needle felting and wet felting has grown considerably and I look forward with anticipation to our Monday morning get togethers.
Heart shaped landscape
We have an absolute ball and some of the disasters that are bound to happen from time to time have had us in stitches.

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