Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Bavarian Crochet

My very good friend Sonya came to see me at the shop, bright and early yesterday morning.
Now if you knew Sonya you would know that with every visit she brings with her a brand new crafty project.  Up until recently this was always knitting but just lately she has got the crochet bug and when I say got the bug I mean this is viral!
This is my attempt at Sophie's Garden/Universe

She would be the first to admit that she can't crochet although she is currently happily and easily crocheting along with the Sophie's Garden CAL and the brand new only launched on the 7th April Lily Pond CAL (Crochet A Long - for those not in the know).
She really knows how to push my buttons and always challenges me to have a go.  I have been crocheting since I was about nine and even I struggle with the things she brings to tempt me with.  Unfortunately she knows me better than I know myself and takes great pleasure in persuading me to try yet another form of crochet when to be honest I would happily go to and frow doing granny stripes for the rest of my life left to my own devices.
Needless to say yesterday she asked "Have you ever done Bavarian Crochet?" "No" I replied innocently.  She then thrust a brand new book in to my hands and said "Happy Easter".
I must say I was pretty pleased even if a little apprehensive but after she left I had a go, as she no doubt knew I would, and produced this quite lovely square.
Bavarian Crochet

I wouldn't say that this is my favourite type of crochet however the results are stunning and once I got the hang of it it did become quite easy.  There are a lot of double trebles involved (Double Doubles for our US guests) but in its favour it certainly uses up the spare wool stash very quickly in deed.

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