Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Burnby Hall Gardens - Part 2

As promised here are a few more pretty photographs to cheer up this extremely murky morning.
I had never really noticed tulips until a couple of years ago, favouring daffodils as my Spring flower of choice.
Then after avidly following Jane Brocket's blog I got hooked and now I can't get enough of them.  She grows thousands in her garden and waxs lyrical about their fabulousness. (Is that a real word?)
I wasn't aware until I got home and looked at my photos that this colour combination of light mauve and peach had obviously grabbed my attention. I had several pictures of the same colour scheme. They are not colours I would usually use in my everyday life but I love them now and plan to make a blanket, jumper or some other object using this unusual combo. Obviously I need to listen to my authentic instincts more often.
I think lilac and deep rose pink look pretty good together too.  I'll be laying out my balls of wool and wondering what to make next in these delightful shades. 
If I was a budgie I would love to live here
Blue skies, birds and bluebells.
And last but not least this gorgeous little Robin who was singing his heart out.  He was happy to be out in the sunshine too.

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