Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Soul Craft for the Jaded Spirit

We're going to the wedding of my lovely friend Sally who is getting married to David this coming Saturday.
I'm really looking forward to it but as ever am disappointed that I didn't start the diet earlier.  Well actually I haven't really started the diet at all and therefore the dress I am wearing fits slightly more snug than I had hoped for.  Never mind I only have myself to blame.
However it has made me even more determined to get my act together.  I never want to feel like I do right now again.  It's ridiculous.  I have wasted years wanting to be a certain size, weight and shape and every time I decide to get on with it I start at my heaviest weight ever.  Surely that should give me the hint that something I am doing isn't quite working.

I have today read my daily meditation from my Simple Abundance book which suggests using soul craft to ease a jaded spirit.
Looking around and trying to make everything just that bit better.  Tidying, cleaning, refreshing etc.
An Englishman's home is his castle

Making your own space as lovely as possible by using and improving what you already have.
Well I can do that.
As far as my self is concerned, I have made an appointment to have my hair done.  I'm going to lighten it as well.  I have all the things I need to do my own gel nails.  I need to wax and pluck my face and to paint my toe nails.
The bathroom and kitchen are going to get the once over this week too so I reckon that's enough Soul Craft to be getting on with.
I'd love to know if you are feeling the same.  Maybe it's that time of year.

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